Wendy Williams Talks Current Status Of Her Beef With P.Diddy


Wendy Williams has put her beef with P. Diddy behind her, which started after he allegedly got her fired during her days in the radio.

During an interview with Nessa from Wild 94.9, the talk show host said both she and Diddy are over it. She also revealed that she prefers Amber Rose to Kim Kardashian as a girlfriend for Kanye West .

In an awkward part of the interview, Nessa asked Wendy about her husband Kevin Hunter’s alleged sex tape with another woman. Unfortunately, Wendy couldn’t respond to the question as she was cut short by Kevin, who was also present during the interview.

Here are snippets from it:

On her beef with Diddy: “I’m over it. I’m over it in a good way and he’s also over it. We’ve seen each other socially and that may be something you see this season on the show. Sometimes you need absolute growth and supreme peace in your own life and make peace with people that you didn’t even want to be in the same room with. That’s where I am right now.”

On who is the best match (Amber or Kim) for Kanye West:  “Amber Rose. I like Kim and Kanye together but I like the mystery of Amber Rose. She’s been a guest on our show and she also happens to be a really nice girl, so is Kim. But I love the mystery Amber created by not talking, by just standing and being the bomb and beautiful in a way that none of us could be. Who looks good bald?”

On her rise to fame: “It was very hard and I never had to do the casting couch and I say that with pride. I know that women get ahead in many ways in this world particularly in entertainment where if you’ve just got a pair of legs and a pair of boobs, all of a sudden the casting couch is available. It’s not about being the hottest or whatever, it’s about being a willing participant and wanting something that men will dangle a carrot in front of. For me, I wanted to be Wendy on the radio, I didn’t want to be some guy’s sidekick. All due respect to sidekicks, my personality a little too strong to be sitting up under some man’s foot.

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Source: Hip Hop Gossip

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