Toni Braxton’s Mid-Life Crisis: Retires From Music And Wishes To Play A Butch Lesbian

Toni Braxton


Oh dear. It looks like 46-year-old Toni Braxton is having a mid-life crisis.

The singer has retired from music to focus on her acting career. She’s also at a point in her life, where she wants to explore different things, including playing a butch Lesbian in a film.

She told Good Morning America: “I don’t feel the love for music anymore. It’s not affecting me and making me feel that thing I always felt when I always performed …

“It’s leaving me and I’m not sure what’s going on in my life. I’m not sure but I’m a little angry. My heart isn’t in it anymore and I hate to say that.”

Toni has no intention to release or record new songs, but plan to cash in on tours/concerts.

She said: “I’ll have to do shows here and there, but I’m not gonna do any albums … I’m falling out of love with it, it’s weird — I’ve been trying to listen to songs; record companies have been calling me, so it’s a good situation to be in, but I’m not really interested at all.”

In her quest to branch out, Toni also revealed she would like to play a butch lesbian in a movie one day.

“I would like to play a lesbian. I don’t know why. And do a whole make-out scene and the whole thing; just something completely different than people would expect from me. Not a lipstick lesbian, either.”

And just because she has experimented with reality TV (Braxton Family Values), that doesn’t mean she wants to be known as a reality star.

She told The Grio in a separate interview: “I hate to have reality star behind my name. That’s just not what I wanted to be when I grew up.

“For me it’s challenging because the artists that I grew up to be; me, the late great Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, we were taught to be aloof. No one needs to know about your life. But now in the age of reality you have to talk about your life and expose it.”

We see she’s ping the baton to Tamar as nothing is popping off for her music wise.

Toni is currently promoting her new made for TV movie Twist of Faith


Source: Daily Mail

  • netta

    Toni needs her own talk show. And don’t let that Devil trick you Toni. No keep your mind on Jesus. Toni Will get her own talk show and it will be better than Ricki Lake.

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