Taye Diggs: Being Dark-Skinned, I Never Thought I Was Attractive Until Tyson Beckford Came Along

As a dark-skinned black man, Taye Diggs never thought he was attractive until Tyson Beckford became popular because of his looks.

The actor, who’s married to Jewish actress Idina Menzel, revealed that the preference for light-skinned within the black community led him to have insecurities about his looks when he was growing up.

But all that changed after he saw a magazine article on  Tyson.

“For me, when I saw Tyson Beckford hailed as this beautiful man by all people, that caused a shift in my being. And I remember literally waking up and walking the streets feeling a little bit more proud,” he told MyBrownBaby.com, while promoting his new children’s book ‘Chocolate Me’, which encourages young people to accept themselves.

Adding: “And then after the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” when I had my own personal moments of weakness, I just had to remind myself of all the people that really enjoyed that movie and just kind of lean on that.”

Speaking about the colorism within the black community, he also said: “When I got into high school I started to hear, just from the black community, everybody is more attracted to the light skin girls and the light skin dudes with the light eyes. And from within the race the light skin black people and lighter brown people would make fun of the darker people. So then it was a completely different kind of struggle.

“And then funnily enough it was when dark skinned men, and this was just from my perspective, there seemed to be a shift where all of a sudden we saw Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Tyson Beckford. I’m still trying to figure out how this came to be.”

Taye also revealed his own mother had complex about her skin colour.

“My mother was very fair skin and my dad was dark. And back in my mother’s day, she was seeking out the dark men because she didn’t feel black enough.”

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