Monkey Calling The Gorilla Ugly: Tamar Braxton Goes In On Nicki Minaj Over Her Bad Wig


Not everyone is a fan of those ridiculous wigs Nick Minaj tend to have on top of her head. Take Tamar Braxton, for example.

During a guest appearance on ‘Anderson Live’, Tamar went in on Nicki Minaj over the neon wig she wore for her American Idol announcement.

Anderson: And Nicki Minaj what do you think about the hair?
Tamar: What do you think about the hair?

Anderson: I kind of like it.
Tamar: That? Well listen, I love Nicki, everybody loves Nicki. I love Nicki and I feel like I can speak about it because I’ve had a couple of bad wig moments myself. That is an atrocity. Okay, ain’t nobody got time for that. Neon hair?

Anderson: What makes a good wig?
Tamar: Well, number one let’s x the neon out the situation and then, I mean I am speaking out of love and admiration.

Anderson: Oh Sure, by the way when you say that, you can then say anything.
Tamar: No, put that back in the box and put her upstairs boo.

Anderson: Do you wear wigs?
Tamar: Well I wear a combination. Sometimes I wear wigs, sometimes I wear weaves. Today is a combination of an ensemble.

Anderson: Really, I thought that was your hair.

Tamar: Well, then I wont tell you what it is. It’s mine.

This is a case of the monkey calling the gorilla ugly. Tamar is also no stranger to rocking horrible wigs. Nah lie? If you watch Braxton Family Values, then you’re with me.

Watch the video here

Photo & Source: Sandra Rose

  • Kam

    It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nothing that Tamar has had on her head has looked real or attractive. Everything about Tamar is ugly- her wigs/weaves, plastic face and obnoxious personality.

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