Love & Hip-Hop’s Star Joseline Hernandez Posts Naked Photo Of Herself To Prove She’s Not A Man


Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s star Joseline Hernandez set Twitter on fire last night after she posted full-blown naked picture of herself to squash rumours that she was born a man.

Some of her former clmates have claimed that she has had transgender surgery.

Along with the naked photo Joseline posted to prove she’s all woman, she tweeted: “I am 100% women I’m clearly perfect cause that’s the only thing y’all can say Sence I air my dirty laundry on tv. F ck y’all HATERS [SIC].”.

Her gender may be questionable but one thing for sure, she’s dyslexic.

She later added: “I will no longer entertain the foolishness it’s been real & fun @ the same time I hope a few of you’ll received the 30 second of fame tweets.”

“F*ck u haters. I’m still Gona get payed for ever. I’m an artist f*ck what y’all say.

“I’m international baby u bums ain’t got a pport. F*ck u bums that’s hating. All of u work for me lol. Keep on working do your job n sit on this sh*t all day making me famous.”

If only Ciara would follow Joseline’s footsteps and put an end to the similar rumour that has plagued her for years.


  • Bogiesfirst

    you still look like rihanna big sister.

  • Sykbabygirl

    U a hoe just to let u know nd y would u f**k a man that has a girl all ready if i was mimi i would have already bumped yo nd i hope mimi does bump yo wen she finds out u go pregnet by her man oh nd one more thing who is u to tell karlie tht your first nd she got to wait if she wanna work wit stevie j u dnt make tht choice like mimi said

  • Malayna27mo

    I feel so sorry for you and your family..so sad they have to see you disgrace yourself and other women in front of the world. Words cant explain the disgusting feeling that came over me when I watched this… selfish, disrespectful, nasty, careless, reckless, dense, hooker, cheap motel type of person,I done slept with a over 100 men type of person, I done had “some” STD’S type of person, immature, insane, on medication, not very smart, and just crazy as hell are only a few thoughts. Remember Karma is MF!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OD5PXLHIDDCPELFA6P5HAYSPAM brenda

    hoe u is hilarious wit yo krazy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OD5PXLHIDDCPELFA6P5HAYSPAM brenda

    but stop being so messy wit ya sins chica!lolllllllllll

  • KizBiz

    This means nothing. The surgery is supposed to make your pu**sy look real. 

  • Yvonne Palomo

    poeople like her gives good women a hard time, I am on Mimi’s side, Ms JH you are foul for one messing with someone’s man and had the balls to tell mimi your having a baby that is so wrong . she aint nothing but a tramp bitch and for stevie he has no morals and he better watch out his going to get aids, trick, and what ever is out there. Mimi, ma your gonna be ok, Once you find another man this troll will be all over you trust that, and do you want someone like him mimi, putting his dick in any women he can get. Mimi your a cly chick and i already like you, but listen to your friend with the short hair she knows whats up

  • Larry

    Joseline sweetie keep ur head up and keep looking forward. Loloking forward to buying ur album in the future wishing u the best. Hope u learned from the mistakes with u know sweetie get ur career first. Just because ur Fine lady they will tell u anything just to have you. Wish u the best

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  • stoop down man

    looks damn good to me

  • denise cador

    Don’t worried about ur hater jobs !!! All those chicks on the show looks like something from 1979!!!!!! U can see that chick ain’t man !! Now k looks one to me!!!!!!!!!0

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  • realtalk

    SHe is clearly awomen she has a video of her naked that pu**sy is real no surgery can make it look like that real. But for real people r stupid she may be this or that but she is def not a man. If she is a man then every 100m American women sprinter is a man too…..stop hatin she looks good and is a women with a real a dope booty at that

  • http://www.facebook.com/terese.savage Terese Lynnae Savage

    Damn that she should have hooked up with somebody in a magazine and got paid for showing the goods!! Damn J

  • Phophillia Lopez

    Stop hating on joseline baddest bioche

  • Phophillia Lopez

    Why joseline gotta be in everybody’s bad breathe mouth. Iam de realest baddest punta dam right big boss as for me BIGTYMERSINC. I tell them 1-800 – bird lady let me show ya how we do it BIGG iam a bad punta brains like Oprah$$$ perhaps hood rich me iris joseline we love ya joseline 36mafia@aol.com

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