Kandi To Get A Preup When She Marries Todd

Kandi & Todd


She may be getting married to Todd Tucker too soon, but Kandi Burruss is no fool in love.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has revealed she plans to get prenup when/if she marries him, who she has been dating for just over a year.

Checkout snippets from what she wrote on her Bravo Blog:

On getting a prenup: “I do believe in pre-nups. I know that some people feel if you are truly in love and are planning to be dedicated to your marriage that a pre-nup somehow means the person requesting the pre-nup is expecting the marriage to fail. I don’t agree. I feel like it’s a safety precaution. Just like if you have a fire extinguisher in your home it doesn’t mean you expect it to burn down, but you’re just prepared to put out the fire before it starts if need be.”

On a scene in RHOA, where  her daughter Riley hinted Todd is moving in their house soon; revealing she has only known Todd for a month: “Riley cracked me up when she said she met him and a month later he was moving in. She was exaggerating. I dated him for a few months, introduced her to him, and a month later he was spending the night a lot. LOL! Todd didn’t move in until we moved to the new house, which probably was nine months into our relationship, six months after Riley met him.

“It kills me when people like Wendy Williams, who had both of her parents in her life and is now raising her child with his father her husband, dog me out saying what they think about my daughter meeting the man I’m dating. I personally feel if you’ve never been a single parent or the child of a single parent household, then don’t p judgment. You cannot relate to my situation. I have been a single mom, and I was raised in a single parent home.”


Whatever rocks your boat, Kandi.

Source: Bravo

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