K Michelle On Tamar Braxton’s Lawsuit Against Her: “A Piece Of Paper Don’t Scare Me”


Singer K. Michelle gives a ‘zero f*cks’ about Tamar Braxon’s supposed lawsuit against her after the two recently battled it out on Twitter over some nonsense.

Asked about the cease and desist order from Tamar for calling her a ‘muppet’, she told K Empire: “I’m from Memphis and a piece of paper don’t scare me. I wish her the best in whatever. You can send letters or do whatever you need to do. I don’t care.”

The ‘0 F*cks Given’ singer also said: “People always come for me and when I say something back, then I’m crazy or I’m out of control. People don’t expect artists to do anything.

“I’m not that type of artist. I’m a person first. You come for me, I’m gonna pop off on you. I don’t fight all battles, but I feel like if you’re on a platform certain things you shouldn’t say unless you know something about (it).”

Speaking of her mixtape, the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star told the radio station: “The mixtape is just a lot of different things. I’m not just one kind of artist. I love different kinds of music. It shows my personality. It’s just records I think everybody will relate to.”


Source: Singers Room

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