Donatella Recognises Biggie Smalls Helped Made Versace Popular

Dontella Versace and model Heidi Klum

Some designers would rather go burst than admit urban artists play a big part in the popularity of their brands. But that’s not the case for Donatella Versace, who has now given props to the late Biggie Smalls for rapping about and wearing Versace back in the nineties.

The designer has acknowledged Biggie made her family brand a household name.

In a discussion with Nicki Minaj in the December/January issue of Interview magazine, Donatella said: “I think Biggie was amazing. He came to my shows in Paris many times, and we’d see each other often. He always used to talk so nicely about my family.

“I think he was so smart, so intelligent. He had such a mind. So I loved what he was doing and how he was giving people a way to know about Versace—I do think he was giving people a way to know about Versace—I do think a lot of people started to know about Versace because of him.”

I put hoes in NY onto DKNY (uh-huh)/ Miami, D.C. prefer Versace (that’s right). Don’t mind me- I’m just citing Biggie’s ‘Hypnotize’ lyrics.


Source: The Fader

Photo:© Heidi Klum Twitter

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