Dappy: I Leaked Nude Photo Of Myself To Compete With Chris Brown

When naked photo of Chris Brown surfaced earlier this year, not everyone was impressed by the size of his offering. Take British rapper Dappy, for example.

Shameless pint-sized Dappy, 24, has admitted to releasing a full-frontal nude photo of himself on the internet couple of weeks ago. He says he made the decision to do so to prove he has a bigger package than the ‘Beautiful People’ singer.

The frontman of the trio N-Dubz, told the Mirror: “Man, I’ve got loads of women fans now. I have to tell ’em, ‘Ease up, women, ease up.’

“I saw Chris Brown had done a naked picture and he has a teeny-weeny little thing. So I thought to myself, ‘I can do that too, man. And mine ain’t tiny.’

Dappy also insists his long-term girlfriend and mother of his two kids, is aware his actions are part of his image

He said: “But listen (my girlfriend) Kaye knows I love her to death and she also knows there’s an image to all this. I’ve done mistakes to her (sic) and she’s been strong enough to take me back. And to show her my love back, I’ve just bought her a big.”

If you’ve seen the uncensored nude pic, I’m certain you’ve asked yourself ‘where the hell this mini-me got that large size from?’ You know what they say, money buys everything. Don’t mind me, I’m just speculating- that’s all.

Moving on, in other related news, Dappy has issued a warning to Simon Cowell after the music mogul banned him from appearing on The X Factor’s Judges’ Houses stage of the show, alongside his group member Tulisa.

Sending a warning, he said: “Simon, I’m coming for you, bro. I don’t care, I don’t give two s**** – you’ve made a big mistake, man. Watch your back, Simon! I’m gonna get hits and No.1 singles and show you.”

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